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'A vision without a strategy is an illusion that only the visionary can execute.'

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat."

Sun tzu

The truth about Strategic Execution Pre-COVID-19

Of the C-Suite say that they understand how their organisational strategic priorities fit together.
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Of Employees at the middle of the organisation understand how the strategic priorities fit together.

How the strategic landscape has changed during COVID-19

Throw away the rule book – We have entered unprecedented times!

Boards & business in general is faced with an unprecedented crisis packed full of unprecedented unknowns for which pre-existing data, often seen as the glue to our decision making is now less reliable and harder if no longer possible to apply.

For those forced to react, we have haemorrhaged our resource and created casualties within our talent pool.  

Our risk has increased and and wood beyond the trees has grown exponentially.

COVID-19 the great disruptor, has presented the greatest requirement for revised strategy, innovation and true transformation in our modern age? 

fortysevenpercent.co.uk are here to help with your response.

Market recovery is the new unanswered question.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced significant impact on the global impact and financial markets with some countries like Pakistan levelling and forecasting growth against other countries forecasting increasingly bleak times ahead.  It is no secret that we have and will continue to experience a severe global slowdown in economic activity.

Vaccinations are staring to emerge however; deployment of vaccination will be complex globally, psychological safety to resume ‘normal’ activity will take time.  There will be a transformation in the way we work and what we consider to be important to us.  COVID-19 has created an unprecedented inflection point.  

Whilst we have unquestionably experienced a material effect on our economic, environmental and humanitarian stability we have also encountered an opportunity for a market, organisational and lifestyle re-set.  

We have accelerated the 5th industrial revolution allowing technology to replace many mainstream jobs, processes and even our decisions on where and how we work, leaving some of capital cities invariably changed in terms of property usage and infrastructure placing pressure on our construction industry.  We are no longer talking about transformational initiatives wholesale changes to industry.  

Geographical and political unrest, a sledgehammer to growth for some industries whilst and enhanced profit and diversification for others.

The trajectory of recovery looks bleak however there are options in terms of our response.  

What has been your response? 

New entrants have emerged, smaller enterprises have been more able to adapt, innovate and enter new markets causing a wake up call and disruption too many industries.  Many reliable giants of the marketplace have faltered and vanished.

Technology has accelerated, ways of working have changed  and the reliance on digital has left some countries, communities, organisations and even individuals behind.

How does this compare to your organisation?

Within complex organisations it is typical for cultures to be led by urban myths, politics. local agendas and stories. Within hierarchal structures you also see departments working in silos which can replace or dilute the Group or organisations strategic narrative.  This can lead to your people being unclear as to what the strategy is and what it means to execute with clarity.  This can prohibit progress, innovation, performance and change.

One thing that is known within these unprecedented times is that this is a time of great change and for great change to be accomplished we need to evaluate and for some adjust our vision, reflect on our purpose, rethink our strategic directives, consolidate that which will serve us, let go of that doesn’t, find emptiness and innovate for the future.  Are your strategies equipped to bring your shareholders, stakeholders, systems & sanity with you? 

Strategic Execution

FortySevenPercent serves to accelerate strategic execution, drive organisational impact and effectiveness and deliver high performing teams. 

In ever changing organisations, quite ofter we find that you can spend time and resource building a strategy which does not keep pace or respond to the changing needs of the organisation and as such doesn’t deliver. 

Does your strategy integrate and filter down to your business plans, objectives and delivery. Does it ‘WIN’?


COVID-19 might accelerate or change previous AI adoption strategies

situational awareness

How effective is your design thinking? Is there clarity on where you are & where you seek to be?  Does your leadership have the insight, time & space to address the lack of buy-in? 

Do you struggle to develop robust strategies within increasingly reactive times & periods of uncertainty? 

Do you find that the strategy fails to communicate the vision and alters throughout the organisation? Is your strategy achievable?  Does the strategy go rogue with deflectors & ‘siloed’ initiatives taking it off the critical path?

We take take a step back to ensure that you are  asking and answering the right questions with your strategy.  We help to deternine effective strategies and take a whole organisation approach to ensuring that they are communicated & executed.

strategic advantage

How has COVID-19 impacted your strategic advantage, plans & priorities for the future. Are you losing the race against the competition or questioning how you will achieve your performance, diversity, sustainability targets? (other key metrics are available. 🙂 )

Are you wondering what position you need to to take to remain sustainable in the longer term?

Do your strategies, systems & people match up & adapt readily to change, regulatory requirements & digital landscape, standards of quality? How informed, innovative & collaborative is your decision making? How has COVID impacted your customer?

Do you need a strategy for your strategy?

How can we help?

We focus on WhatMatters

What sets us apart is that we look at both business and human potential in parallel to help your organisation achieve better results.  Providing you with both the ability to remove the blockers to strategic execution and your people being both skilled and focussed on WhatMatters to ensure that you execute your strategic objectives and plans effectively and efficiently.

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