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Your people are the oil to your machine - without them, the machine stops!

yOur people

People connect, engage, story tell, share, collaborate, develop inspire, challenge, inform, empower, motivate, measure and propel other people.

Our team are carefully chosen for their integrity, credibility, client first determination and evidence of tangible results.

FortySevenPercent is incredibly privileged, honoured and proud to be able to offer such great talent BUT more importantly people with whom building trusted relationships are made easily based on integrity, credibility & results.

“You don't build a business, You build people and then people build the business.

How we perform, the service we offer, our ability to learn, empathise, and conduct ourselves in a manner that informs , inspires and empowers the collective is really down to how much understand, how much we know and how much we care.
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people strategy

How does your people strategy hold up to your business strategy and company plans. Is their a conflict between workforce planning, HR, regulatory requirement and leadership competency.  Do your policies and process support your aspirational culture and vision. Do you have a diversity strategy that goes beyond the mandatory requirements of what is expected

Do you spend months forecasting only to find that you find yourself woefully short of delivering shortly after print. We will orchestrate and review your baseline performance against objectives & development plans to understand risk of attrition, flight risk and hypos.

We provide a full program of work to support your operation models, organisational design, development and dynamics.


fortysevenpercent does not deliver training and development programs, we work within your organisations, we meet your people at their starting point and host ‘Conversations that Matter’ helping them to learn, develop and grow their potential uniquely through powerful, relevant and multifaceted, interdisciliplinary dialogue.

We bespoke your programmes to reflect your business & transformational needs and strategies. 

We run diagnostics to ensure that your requirements, reflect WhatMatters to achieve your success, and blend learning in innovative and multi-facted ways to ensure holistic ‘on the job’ offsite & online learning.  Our learning is unique in the way that we host and present not just new skill BUT whole, mind, body and organisational thinking that serves to add value and deliver change as opposed to being disruptive and non representative of your organisational (not) just your training needs.  

We take the time and a whole organisational approach to ensure that you are not investing in people at cost & then rapidly making a loss in terms of return, and learning in which your people are not engaged or where the knowledge is not retained and/or connected to your mission, vision, purpose, strategy and most importantly the environment in which your people will work which lets face it is where new skills need to be practiced, role modelled, enjoyed and shared.


people development

Did you know that FortySevenPercent of the time people are not focused on the task in front of them? Research has proven that our becoming distracted in our daydreams, internal dialogues & stories, not only impacts on our productivity it almost impacts on our personal happiness & wellbeing. They are on the payroll so what are they thinking about?

 fortysevenpercent does not deliver training and development programs, we host conversations where your people feel safe to explore their learning vulnerabilities & strengths, develop the necessary awareness, skillsets, mindsets, behaviours and knowledge. 

We facilitate learning, coach and create cultures where your organisation and people align in their focus on WhatMatters helping to accelerate & pinpoint their potential, develop their skills and help them focus on Your(shared)Success. 

In parallel with helping you to achieve your business and creative potential, we pose the question of, what impact would improving the knowledge, skills & states of consciousness have on your bottom line even if we improved that 47% marginally? Additionally, our ‘Be Present’ programmes on Leadership, ER, Diversity, Performance & Wellbeing, develop your leadership on the people side of their responsibilities. 


Executive |Life | Corporate, observational, in person, online and walking coaching is also available for both groups and individuals

customer & Community

Developing the right customer and community strategies and building the organisation to support it is challenging when the market stands still; and yet even more so in reactive markets, economic uncertainty and socio-political change.  What does it really mean to be partner, affiliate, customer or community centric? Does your strategy expose itself at delivery and do your stakeholders receive the experience you intended or does their perception of you alter as their journey continues? How do you balance digital & human interventions and know that you have achieved the right mix?

Are you looking to start a career as a Consultant, facilitator and coache.

Are you a new Consultant or Coach looking for development to ensure that you have the appropriate skillset, mindset and knowledge to enter this fiercely  competitive marketplace?

Or are you an organisation looking to build your inhouse, business partner, consultant or collaboration capability?

If you are looking to accelerate your career and sharpen your skills, contact us to book one of our bespoke programmes in which you will learn from our experienced consultants and qualified coaches.  You can benefit from our frameworks and learn from our mistakes.  Our goal is to help you feel more confident as you walk into your client site having gained insight, experience and education from our learning programmes, support groups and progress academies. 

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your career within this exciting field and lets help you polish your shoes and pack your lunch for that first of perhaps even fifty first assignment. 

We focus your organisation on WhatMatters

What sets us apart is that we look at both business and human potential in parallel to help your organisation achieve better results. 

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