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Organisational Conscience

From the wellbeing shift of 2020, to decade so far has proven to be game changing, this extreme level of uncertainty globally has presented a steep learning curve, for not just organisations BUT entire industries who have been forced to respond without  a roadmap as to what next as the result of unprecedented uncertainty and change.

We were all presented with new questions and our ability to respond, our resilience, agility, people, systems, research, data and insights were tested to an unprecedented degree.

We often talk about change affecting people or our organisation BUT as a result of multiple shots and ‘crises’; entire industries and are forced to adapt and in some case metamorphosise.  

New systems, complex transformation and a need for innovation and resilience emerged. 

 The pressure of trying to find certainty in periods of such uncertainty allow the best and worst practices emerge.  

1) focus on costs.  
2) Reactive strategies driven by hype and realities.
3) Data, systems,  process, policies which historically had served as the pathway could no longer direct our thinking because the world had changed.

A talk of a new normal BUT what does this mean in the midst of not just a global pandemic BUT a global welfare crisis accompanied by:

The Climate Crisis resulting in a requirement for trillions of expenditure in innovation and new technologies, alterations in our mindset, behaviour, attitudes and consumption.

contributing to:

The Global Energy Crisis as a result of extreme weather events, supply and demand issues, infrastructure issues, a lack of renewable alternatives.

Political unrest leading:

The Humanitarian Crisis as a result of fractious Geo Politics leading to War and Market Manipulation. 

Fractious Geo Politics with a rise in more untypical political movements or some might say radical leaders entering a phase of early signs of unrest affecting our peace, unity and economies. 

 The Global Pandemic affected every industry, however when our Utilities are affected so too is our way of life.

Executives are facing an acceleration in four key areas:
1: Measurable Contribution to ESG: Environment,Social& Governance 
2: A heightened people agenda with a deeper focus on wellbeing & remote management. 
3) Decision making in a VUCA world.

4) A shift towards conscious capitalism and he digital era and its affect on global economies and service transformation.

Finding your feet in a times of uncertainty brings tot he forefront your priorities is the question, WhatMatters to you and where are you at with your organisational conscience?  

We have added this to our priorities to help, so if you stuck just…. give a little whistle… and we will be there to filter the noise, help you:

  • Innovate for the future. 

  • Create, plan and execute your organisational, people and performance strategies.

  • Manage your organisational change. 

  • Align your culture to your higher purpose and accentuate your brand.

We help you to:

 reflect on the implications of the pandemic and with the help of our virologist we can provide software to help you contain cases, mangae absence responsibly and fairly.

We can help develop and coach your people to ensure they have the skills and resilience required to focus and function as you take collective action to meet future change and demands.

We can help you revise strategies, resources, innovation and change initiatives, ensure that they are informed by ‘your new normal’ and are executed. 

Check and safeguard your relationships and representation in accordance with your business, as it is seen today as a result of changes over the pandemic, 

We will help you to find unity across systems and support your stakeholders, and associates in the transitional relationship from old to new in line with your organisations, values and culture.

We will help you to innovate and identify new ways in which you can live and breathe your business, values, ESG and responsibilities.


Some of the ways in which we can give a little whistle whilst we work

For true transformation to happen there is an inevitability of a death, a letting go of something within the organisation.  We bring transformation results from a deeper sense of self and collective awareness, aligned purpose and connection with the organisation.

Our approach supports greater collaboration, innovation, creativity and adoption due to the ethics by which our practice works with people as they  undergo, relate and commit to change.

In order to perform to potential we must first feel inspired, motivated, empowered and valued.  Establishing processes, policies and systems which create order and enhance performance can instil a sense of pride.  As technology accelerates and working remotely becomes a norm in our societies, thinking differently about performance, process and leadership will be key to enhancing self esteem, wellbeing, collective action & equal and fair working practice.

Our ‘WhatMatters Cultural framework’ enhances your capacity for collective action. We help you to identify game changers, remove blockers & realign your people with your purpose, ideals & shared value to succeed

Complex problems live in the realm of the unknown. We are experienced at utilising problem solving to deliver innovative solutions. 

These unprecedented times could not have been predicted.  Now more than ever we can help you to bring together your collective organisational intelligence, using our tried and tested practice to utilise diversity, foster a culture of psychological safety and allow innovative solutions to emerge.

We help you to understand your ecosystem. Internally this serves to identify enabling and destructive interdependencies, educating on effective network & identify isolated activities, bias & internal co-operation.  

We apply the same principles to your strategic alliances & partnerships with other organisations & communities are in line with your values & mutually beneficial

We help you in your pursuit of societal, sustainability &  environmental goals and governance.  

We challenge your thinking and help you recognise and align to your brand promise.

We assess your broader mission and strategic objectives against a ‘whole organisation thinking’ framework and help you to ensure, collaboration, fairness, wellness, diversity and growth.

Doing what is right for stakeholders as well as the shareholder has often been a sensitive topic.  We help you find new ways to focus on WhatMatters.

We help you to transition from profit focus to balanced whole organisation thinking.