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ideas are hidden until they are heard...

“From day one Caroline helped shape a unique value proposition to our client and the collaborative nature that she brought to the team supported, consolidated and enhanced our thinking throughout.”

Caroline worked on a transformation bid worth circa 150m to develop innovation and provide subject matter expertise. Steve said " It was apparent immediately that the value Caroline could bring transcended the original scope we had agreed and she was able to seamlessly take on more. I would definitely recommend Caroline for any engagement and look forward to working with her again."
Stephen Suggett

creating innovative environments

Good people, great ideas and the right decisions need the right environment in which to thrive.  

At fortysevenpercent we help you to achieve greater transparency, flexibility and variety in your outcomes, decision making, problem solving and use of environment?

We also help you to rethink and  redesign your environments, build ideation hubs or create digital spaces for your people to better collaborate & innovate.

ideation workshops

Our ideation workshops help you release your creative potential and instil a framework of ‘continuous creative improvement and radical innovation.  

We help to develop a creative mindset, open collaboration and build creative strategies, create intrepreneurs, empathy & solution focus?

 We help you to more successfully problem solve and/or apply a new lens to existing challenges or future opportunities to help you achieve better results. 

digital innovation

Are you looking for help with how technology can continue to provide forward momentum in how you serve your customers, inform our people and access new audiences?

We also help you to find the right technology solutions for your COVID response strategy including:

Remote Working technologies

COVID & Absence Management track & trace 

We focus on WhatMatters

Having the right expertise to inform you on best practice, market trends & new ways of working is important to business success. What makes us unique is that we remove the blockers to your success by looking at your organisation as a whole.  Providing you with the strategic outcomes, cultures & performance you need to enjoy continued success whilst your people remain focussed on WhatMatters

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