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Your Culture is your Competitive Edge.

“Every mans ability may be strengthened or increased by culture" John Abbott

Every organisation contains a complex eco-system which is connected by individual values, norms and experience. To understand your culture you must first understand your people.

WhatMatters to your people fundamentally shapes and influences your organisational success.
At FortySevenPercent we help you to close the gap between WhatMatters to you and WhatMatters to them and in doing so we refocus your organisation on WhatMatters to the success of your business.
we focus your organisation on what matters

cultural alignment

Of all the levers you have to pull, cultural alignment is the one thing that is completely within your control.  

Does that surprise you?

Do you sometimes feel that it doesn’t matter how many times you revisit the cultural values, feed them into your appraisal system, recruit the right behaviours or plaster them all over the walls, you just don’t get that sense… that sense, of well, errmmmm… an aligned culture?

At fortysevenpercent we close the gap between the ‘them and us’, help you identify realign your employee intrinsic motivations and purpose & refocus your people on WhatMatters using our bespoke ‘WhatMatters’ framework.

cultural change

Did you know that 47% of the time your people are not focused on the task in front of them. What are you thinking about right now? Is your mind wandering to things that you feel more connected to?

It takes 3-5 years to change a culture, we accelerate that by refocussing your organisation on WhatMatters. This positive anchor point serves to realign an individual, personal, social & professional identity and purpose with your organisational goals.

cultural transformation

Cultural transformation comes from the removal of existing belief systems and ultimately fast tracking the ‘death of the existing culture’ and reintroducing a renewed focus for your employees to identify with and build their ‘stories and purpose’ around. 

Organisational culture is often seen as a deliverable of HR, OD or the latest employee engagement initiative – We don’t! We believe its hardwired in your strategy.

What do you believe about your culture?

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Of executives believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.
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Of employees believe a distinct work place culture is important to business success.

We focus on WhatMatters

What sets us apart is that we look at your organisation as a whole, providing you with the strategic outcomes, culture and performance you need to enjoy continued success whilst your people join you on that journey – only this time, better focused on WhatMatters!

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