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CX Awards & Summit West Africa

Our partners CX Awards West Africa As partners of Niche Consulting, fortysevenpercent were delighted to attend the maiden CX awards and summit recognising WhatMatters when it comes to excellence in Customer Experience for West Africa. It proved to be my great honour to pay tribute to my friend and business partner, the late Don Hales in presenting…
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Partners of the worlds 1st ‘Masters degree in Customer Experience’

Is Customer Experience important to you? As proud partners of the worlds 1st ‘Masters degree in CX’ programme’ we are offering friends, clients and colleagues of fortysevenpercent 10% discount. Simply click on fortysevenpercent when you book your course at http://www.icustman.com/pgdcx/ Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on email…
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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Matters

are you still questioning: the beauty of diversity? we meet you at your starting point. we hold inclusive conversations, offer training & development & help you to create, Execute & benefit from your EDI strategies ⟶ Contact Us Caroline.Griffiths@fortysevenpercent.co.uk Tel:+44 (0) 779 002 0081 WORKING HOURS Monday – Friday 09:00 – 21:00 Saturday  10.00 -1800…
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Conversations that Matter: Quality Management Matters

Conversations that Matter ?QM 2021 Minutes Seconds Join us to talk about WhatMatters to you at http://www.fortysevenpercent.co.uk ‘Conversations that Matter’. e: WhatMatters@fortysevenpercent.co.uk https://fortysevenpercent.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Sarah-Quality-Matters-1.wav Sarah Howards talks about…. Quality Management. Quality Management: Having mastered her trade in one of the highest regulated industries, our very own Sarah Howard talks to us about WhatMatters when it comes…
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The What & Why of What we do.

At fortysevenpercent we focus on WhatMatters to help you achieve your human, business, & creative potential. https://fortysevenpercent.co.ukDM +44 (0) 779 002 0081 | Twitter: @forty7_percent Why are we called Did you know that research has found that we are not focused on the task in front of us for fortysevenpercent of the time? So what are…
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Strategy | YourWin

Without strategy, a vision remains a vision not an active execution of objectives. A good strategy, communicated well, co-opted, adopted & delivered upon allows us to win the game that we once visualised. Winning Strategies help you to turn your vision into a reality with the intention to not just play, but to play to win.…
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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Matters

  WhatMatters? Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Matters We find in cultural transformation that the only thing that stands between ‘them and us’ is understanding. Meeting organisations at their starting point, setting the EDI strategy & opening up meaningful dialogue from there has always been our approach to EDI education, awareness & acceptance within organisations. Why?…
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Change – Can rethinking GDP measures teach us something about change?

An article from the Harvard Business Review called ‘GDP is Not a Measure of Human Wellbeing’ reported on how economic growth has raised living standards around the world and yet modern economies have lost sight of the fact that the standard metric of economic growth, gross domestic product (GDP), merely measures the size of a…
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