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CX Awards & Summit West Africa

CX Awards & Summit West Africa

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CX Awards West Africa

As partners of Niche Consulting, fortysevenpercent were delighted to attend the maiden CX awards and summit recognising WhatMatters when it comes to excellence in Customer Experience for West Africa.

It proved to be my great honour to pay tribute to my friend and business partner, the late Don Hales in presenting the award for the ‘Don Hales. – CX Next Generation award’. 

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fortysevenpercent focusses on WhatMatters and part of WhatMatters is recognising those organisations, teams and individuals who focus on WhatMatters.  

Contact us to find out how to & why running your own in-house awards and recognition programmes are so critical to employee engagement, competence & performance or click on the link in the logo above to learn more about our international awards and networking events.


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