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The What & Why of What we do.

The What & Why of What we do.

At fortysevenpercent we focus on WhatMatters to help you achieve your human, business, & creative potential. https://fortysevenpercent.co.uk
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Why are we called


Did you know that research has found that we are not focused on the task in front of us for fortysevenpercent of the time?

So what are we doing?

How much is this all costing us

What is it doing to our human creative & strategic potential?

At fortysevenpercent we focus on:

🧫 Culture because GrowthMatters
🤺 People because SuccessMatters
🏹 Strategy because WinsMatter
🦩 Create & Transform because SystemsMatter
🚦 Change because SurvivalMatters
💡 Innovation as DifferenceMatters

We focus on WhatMatters to help you achieve transformational results

We provide:

Strategic advisory, Interim & NED services.
Learning facilitation, Knowledge share, Skill development & Education.
Executive, Life & Business Coaching and Mentoring.

We complete our services with recognising organisations and individuals who focus on WhatMatters through events and awards ceremonies.

We learn our craft in part by listening, approaching everything with an open mind and present an open table to start the conversations that matter.

As such we also host ‘Conversations that Matter’ in which we talk to industry leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals talking about WhatMatters to them.

Our services underpin 3 themes in helping you to achieve:

  1. Creative Potential:
    🦩 Change
    🦩 Networks & Dynamics
  2. Strategic Potential
    🦩 Vision to Strategic Execution
    🦩 Trouble shooting – Dragonflies & Jiminy Crickets
    🦩 Culture/Systems/Structure
    🦩 Strategic Alliance & Partners
  3. Human Potential
    🦩 State Management
    🦩 People Development
    🦩 Safety, Performance & Wellbeing
    🦩 Awards & Recognition
    🦩 Podcasts & Knowledge Share

💁‍♀️ All services have been redesigned to factor in COVID 19 interventions and awareness of what is important to our clients in the normal.

This list is not exhaustive however may include: remote working, org redesign and development.

Post COVID. Board Services Digitalisation, Decision Making, Innovation, Strategy, Transformation, Wellbeing, Communication & Change

We focus on WhatMatters to help you achieve transformational results

t: +44 (0) 779 002 0081

Learn more about what we do at:
w: http://www.fortysevenpercent.co.uk
w: http://www.strophe.co.uk
w: http://www.workplacewellness.life
w: http://www.myheroesandvillains.com

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Most frequent questions and answers

fortysevenpercent of the time humans are not focused on the task in front of them.  Did you know that? Overlay onto that your organisational or personal narrative. What are you thinking about when your mind wanders? Life, relationships, profits, planning, people, KPI’s SLA’s, customers, complaints.. Yuk! Let’s just skip to lunch, Yum!

We focus you and your organisation on WhatMatters using a holistic and immersive approach to help you develop achieve and maintain focus in order that you achieve better results.  No that does not mean we are a mindfulness company, albeit that could be part of it. We are the dragonflies, the wing persons that take an umbrella view to ANY board, company or personal challenge and target specific areas for change, we broaden our peripheral vision to assess the impact and use a range of services to help you achieve your organisational and personal goals.  We help both business and people reach their potential and we don’t care how we get that done. Our approach will reflect what you need and our relationship will mean that we get it done for the long term with the spirit but not the disruption of doing it together. 

  • We provide an outside, objective, perspective that enables companies to identify problems and improve performance.  
  • We get under the skin of what is really going in your organisation and refocus your people on WhatMatters.  
  • We provide a new lens to existing challenges and future opportunities.
  • We lead the change and teach your people the skills required to ensure that the outcomes achieve continue to deliver long after we have left.
  • We provide confidential business, life and executive coaching.  
  • We reward, recognise and award organisations, teams and individuals who focus on WhatMatters.  We provide both in house and external award & recognition programmes in partnership with the international awards guru Don Hales

Yes. We have associates based across the UK & EU with multi-national experience.

Our international client base includes organisations of all sizes across the public, private and third sector.  

First and fore mostly, nobody knows your business like you do. However; few in business have the time to step back from the day to day and think differently about the what, the why and the how business gets done.

We help you to find, ask and answer the right questions.  We listen, learn, analyse and respond.  We build relationships.  We get our hands dirty, focus on WhatMatters and teach your teams to do the same.   

All of our solutions are bespoke.  As specialists in organisational development, design, dynamics, innovation and transformational change.  We adapt and do what it takes to get the job done.  Business does not stand still and we are geared up to anticipate, inform and respond to any change of direction at any point during our engagements.  

We follow a process of insight, innovation, development and execution. We take an intuitive response, we research and rely on our breadth of experience to inform our thinking, we test and convey our recomendations with evidence based data.  

We consider ourselves to be the wingman, we build meaningful connections, take an umbrella viewpoint, build professional relationships, demonstrate credibility and connect at an emotional level ensuring integrity, quality, delivery & results.  

We work for you from the day we cross your doormat so before anyone else starts putting a sticky plaster on your gaping wound or a life jacket on your giraffe, think fortysevenpercent and get in touch. +44 (0) 779 002 0081

We provide all of our services online as well as in person in accordance with government guidelines. 

We have partnered with a globally renowned virologies to offer the latest in scientific expertise, advisory, training and environment audits to help ensure that you are informed, and positioned for optimal protection during these unprecedented times.

We believe that good business is built in part, on a series of meaningful conversations so lets start with one of those:

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