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YourCulture | Growth

YourCulture | Growth

Why does that matter?  Isn’t your culture just that intangible force called the mood of your people who can be hired or fired anyway?  The same set of people are paid to be there and to make sure your strategy delivers?

Is it not fair to say that people are just who they are and some times they are happy and some times less so and in any case you have an employee support program that they call if they are not!?

Can you really do anything about it if the culture is not great?  

Do you find yourself scratching your head an asking your self questions like “who cares?” I mean we care right but it takes 3- years to change the culture.

Or perhaps its the CEO, if we change the Chess pieces, perhaps the culture might improve?


Why is Culture so important?


Your Culture is your Competitive edge

So in order to ensure your strategy doesn’t become the morning coffee wash down contact us to see how we can help your culture better serve as the body of your organisation 


  1. Because for cultural transformation to begin we first need to let go of the cultural bacteria that no longer serves the ecosystem

2) To accelerate adoption or cooption for cultural transformation to quickly become the way we do things around here. 


3) We get under the skin, the psyche and the compulsions which lead of the social disorganisation, disconnect & apathy and work collaboratively against the individual & collective  pathologies implicating the formation of healthy cultures.

4) We explore the dynamics of your organisational eco-system and re align the collective purpose.  

Measuring Our Success

We even help you to measure our success though your freedom to create and innovate, adherence and strengthening of policies, scorecards, decision making and renewed appetite for cultural initiatives & values management.


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