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How Can We Help? COVID-19

How Can We Help? COVID-19

In a world which feels a little like a Netflix movie without the popcorn, we've been thinking about how we can help.

Whilst it has long been anticipated that a new strain of virus could have catastrophic implications, recent months have demonstrated globally that nobody is ready for the impact of COVID-19.  fortysevenpercent have pooled together our expertise to see what we can do to support you through these unprecedented times.  We are all in this together! #staywell

1) Better information & advise on the virus and practical tips for the workplace.

In 2010 the Co-operative Pharmacy reported that flu costs the British economy £1.35 billion and accounted for the most sick days lost in the work place. In 2019 fortysevenpercent partnered with VirologyConsult to help organisations prevent respiratory illnesses within the workplace as part of our wider program of advisory & development.

It is through this partnership that we are well placed with the appropriate scientific expertise to provide a specific Coronavirus support package. 

To learn more and access the latest articles on the virus and how to prevent infection visit our website at: http://www.workplacewellness.life 

WorkplaceWellness 3 month virus info support package
WorkPlace Wellness Business Package

2) Online Peer Support

Join our network and become part of a Leadership Peer Support Group sharing thoughts on how the virus has affected all aspects of business and leadership confidence. This group provides a safe space to down load whilst also focussing on planning and sharing best practice on how best to transition through this difficult time.

The purpose of this group is to take a supportive space to reflect, share ideas (and scars), plan for future organisational effectiveness, whilst focusing on the road to normalisation.

3) Strategic Advisory & Interim Support

Do you need help with business continuity planning, organisational re-design or restructure?  Or has this proven an opportunity to re-think your business operations, service strategy and ways of working. We offer strategic advisory and interim support to help you not only rethink but plan and act on your new thinking.

We also offer online innovation workshops to help you apply a new lens to the challenges ahead & work through problems, unleashing hidden opportunities for response, recovery and change.

CAN... !

4) Life, Business & Executive Coaching -Online

Of course the challenge is not just COVID-19 it is also how we choose to respond to it.

We provide

Coaching and development support for Executive, businesses and individuals.  

Working remotely can be tremendously isolating, and being effective in a new environment without focused structure and management for most is unknown?  We can provide coaching to remote teams on line or over the phone, we also deliver online training and other support packages to help people working from home or transitioning back in to the work place.  

If you are experiencing anxiety, are overwhelmed or simply need to take stock & refocus on WhatMatters.  We have qualified coaches in the UK. Spain & France who can help to support you in redefining your goals & reaching your objectives to better recognise and realise your potential.

We also working with a host of psychometric and diagnostic tools

5) Online Daily Wellbeing & Safety Checks

Online performance motivators and daily wellbeing check-ins. How much do you know about your teams health, performance and wellbeing now that your workforce is so remote?  Or do you work for yourself and are struggling emotionally with the uncertainties that COVID has brought.   If you are concerned  about either yours or your teams wellbeing & would like to touch base with them each day or if you have concerns about the impact of working in isolation to their teams and would like someone to guide your leadership teams o best practice for remote working and wellbeing, we can help.

6) Remote Performance Management & Development

If this is your teams first experience of working remotely and you simply want to inspire them to stay focussed and keep performing.   Get in touch, we are old hats at working & managing teams remotely we can run online sessions to bring your teams together 1-1 or as group to have online performance discussions.

7) Corporate Communications

How are you communicating critical information to your customers & employees? Do you need some help?

8) Activities?

Keeping centred & moving is part of keeping healthy. We offer online:

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Awareness

Please note that whilst we are supporting organisations and individuals in any way that we can we are not providing a  medical service. 

We always advise that for any medical conditions that you follow guidance & seek help from the appropriate emergency & general health services. We also recommend that you check the World Health Organisation website for accurate and up to date information.

We are all in this together. Stay safe & healthy.


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